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wedding registry etiquette 101

Believe it or not, there is more to creating your wedding registry then just going from store to store with your clipboard and scanner and picking any and everything that catches your eye! While it still your big day, consider the variety of guests [and their budgets] in addition to choosing items you would really like to have and not just gather up.


You may enjoy the homemade creative items from a local store around the corner, but if it's not online, many of your guests may not be able to get things from there for you. Consider adding some larger, more known stores to your list for those that will feel more comfortable ordering from these stores and ease in return should it not be something you desire.


There is no limit on how many stores you can register with or selections to choose. Your guests will appreciate the variety of items to select as well as the many price ranges. Even though many will ask a bridal party member or parent "What do you think they will like?" consider selecting very inexpensive to the expensive at different stores.


Some of your guests may not be able to spend very much and will opt out to come for that reason. Consider decor items like frames, vases, beauty items in addition to higher priced items.


Some of your guests know exactly what they want to get you for your wedding gift. Be gracious and accept the gift with the intention it was given. Registries are for those that choose to use them.


Think out of the box and use this part of your wedding to give back to one of your favorite charities. Many organizations have a 'gift of favor' programs in place for you to give back. You can often contact your charity of choice and their program will be in place for table cards, "how to's", etc. If not, you can create your own charity of choice program.