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BUSINESS 101 Crash Course

  • How to set up your business [local, state, federal level]
  • Necessary Accounting Needs
  • Which Social Media platforms you should focus on
  • Worksheets for Business Map and Image
  • Building referrals, email list, social media base and network circle
  • How to Close A Sale and create referral funnels
  • Setting Prices and Developing Revenue Sources
  • Branching Out, Staff and the pros and cons
  • Self-assessment on what you can do and what should be outsourced
  • Live Q&A, Email Support, Discounts on Other Services 
  • Lifetime Membership in Facebook Private Mastermind Group


You can automatically schedule your own business coaching session by clicking on the red button to the left. It will take you to our scheduling suite where you can pick the day and time that is most convenient for you. You will be able to pay for your session or packages of sessions on that sight. It will walk you through step by step. 


Starting June 22th!

Marketing and Social Media

  • Learn which platform is for you and how to maximize results
  • Understanding Marketing online and print and hashtags
  • Where to put your Marketing Dollars
  • Closing a deal on social media
  • Know What to Post and When
  • Building up a following on social media and emails
  • ​Live Q&A, Email Support,
  • Lifetime membership in Facebook Mastermind Group
  • A guide of EXACT posts examples will be given

Top 5 Mistakes Vendors Make at Bridal and Event Trade Shows

  • Learn How to Maximize Your Exposure as the Professional
  • Learn to Read What the Client is Really Saying
  • Learn to Follow Up with the Client the Right Way
  • Learn How to Make Your Money Back with a Profit
  • Learn What Works and What Doesn't Work at Your Booth
  • Learn the Number One Reason You Don't Get the Sale!

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Start-Ups: [4-week Program]

  • 4-Week Program of One-Hour Video Series delivered right to Your Inbox  
  • PDF Workbook and Handouts
  • Covers Name, Pricing, Social Media, Website, Outsourcing, Making Profits
  • Business Image | Return on Investment
  • Building Your Business
  • Developing Revenue Sources
  • Effective Marketing and Sales
  • One hour Coaching Session via Skype or Phone
  • Live Q&A, Email Support, Lifetime membership in Facebook Mastermind Group

How To Make Money At Bridal and Trade Shows

  • 90-Minute Seminar packed full of trade show success strategies
  • Top 10 Guide on What You Need To Do To Be Successful
  • Top 10 Guide on What NOT TO DO at Vendor Shows
  • Steps to take Before, During and After a Trade Show
  • Complete Trade Show Event Check Off List
  • Sample Emails for your Follow Up in stages
  • How to Close A Sale and create referral funnels
  • Lifetime Membership in Facebook Private Mastermind Group