"​I love to think out of the box, to create items that their owners will be able to think back to the moment in time each and every time they see the item. It may only bring you happiness or have a deeper meaning to just you...but that is the point, the item coupled with your thoughts create the memories you will cherish."   ~Karen

Where Memories are Made....

At Couture Keepsakes, we can create button bouquets from our selections, or from buttons, brooches and items in your treasure chest...or better yet, a combination of both. They can be any style, custom colors and have touches of your personalities, your first date or treasures that are important to you and your groom.

​He, your groom, can also have his own custom boutonniere made to his liking, hobby or fond memory that he wants to treasure on your wedding day.

​Couture Keepsakes searches worldwide for the most unique vintage buttons in glass, metal and acrylic to create one of a kind masterpieces for you to walk down the aisle with on your wedding day.

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