We provide maximum services for little investment

All our network pros receive a variety of benefits and services just by being of Indiana Wedding Pros. Online, social media, leads, discounts and business development all wrapped into your mini marketing package.

WHY indiana wedding pros?

Our mission is to match up high-quality wedding professionals to the brides and grooms that are creating their dream wedding.

We work with a variety of businesses at various price ranges and experience and we continue to stay ahead of the trends to ensure couples have all the information they need at their fingertips. 

We are affordable with a great reputation

We have various services for a all types of budgets and offer six-months same as cash through PayPal


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We have the experience coupled with cost effective strategies for all budgets

If you are just starting out in the wedding profession or a long time veteran, marketing techniques, branding and exposure continue to change while often your budget won't. We can create a strategy to extend the life of your marketing dollars and provide business coaching to help you succeed.
"Whether at networking meetings, online or via social media platforms we are able to get your business in front of the brides and grooms looking for your services."


  • Professional Networking Meetings
  • Bridal Shows and Events
  • Business Social Media Packages
  • Discounts for Exhibitors at shows
  • Exclusive Social Media Blasts
  • Marketing throughout Indiana
  • Online Business Profile Pages
  • Brand Creation
  • Front Page Cover Exposure
  • Business Development Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Seminars, Workshops and Classes

Hello, my name is Debra Taylor and I'm the owner of Indiana Wedding Pros. We are a network for couples looking for their wedding vendors for the big day. We also produce four bridal shows a year and giveaway a $30K Wedding each year.

I have 30 years of entrepreneurship under my belt and I'm very passionate about all the businesses I have owned and currently still operate.

Along with our network and bridal shows, I also have an exclusive business development program to help you with all your business needs behind the scenes.